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Small businesses everywhere are getting their feet wet in PPC advertising. But what is it? Pay Per Click! PPC is also known as search engine advertising, the paid placements on Google results that show before the organic results. While there are a ton of reasons to jump on board with this form of marketing, we’d like to point out the top five reasons to use PPC.


1) It is measurable.

PPC is a notable way to advertise. With PPC, you can account for measurable statistics that refer to the interaction between consumers and your website. You can use these metrics to better guess how things might look in the future, giving you a heads up on the fluctuations in consumers and their purchases.
With PPC, you can track which advertisements, keywords, and placements are working best. Use this information to strategize your marketing measures for the best results in consumer reactions. PPC gives you as a business owner, full scope on the logistics to your invested advertising.

2) It brings forth quality traffic

There are several sources that can help you gain foot traffic to your website, but PPC is a way to ensure the quality of that traffic. Why is this the case? Well, people are using search engines to find YOUR products. You are their targeted marketer, and with PPC, you are able to link together with customers looking for what you have to offer. You do not have to shove advertisements down consumers throats; they are already looking for your products.
Some businesses see hundreds to thousands of clicks in just a short amount of time from PPC alone. People are going to sincerely trust your brand before even entering your site due to your ranking in the results. PPC is a no-brainer when it comes to targeting quality foot traffic.

3) It is not dependent on SEO or Google algorithm changes

Unlike the organic rankings that display on Google, PPC is not as risky in terms of retrieving consumers. Your success rate is not dependent on the changes in Google Algorithms, or even the optimization of your website. PPC works more with numbers, looking at the amount of money that is being spent compared to received.
You can leverage the information and data generated from PPC to build out your SEO goals. PPC will help identify keywords that are going to be very beneficial to your SEO strategy.
PPC will give companies a real advantage when it comes to advertising. The immense amount of data that PPC advertisers have at their fingertips makes this a multi-tasking tool that any company should want working in their favor. PPC can advertise to contacts, website visitors, and previous customers – increasing your company’s chance of repeat business!
PPC results are captured in real-time, meaning that you can make immediate adjustments to your campaigns. Quick and easy changes are not as possible with other forms of advertising media, so take advantage of it. PPC is meant to make marketing easy, bringing the customers to the producers.

4) It is very targeted

The customers that are reaching your site are researching what they are looking for through search engines. They are using what they find to help create informed consumer decisions. These decisions are based on the trust that they hold with their search engine providers as well. PPC advertising provides a bridge of trust from consumer to website, as search engines are reliable resources in the public’s eye.
With PPC, you will have more advanced forms of targeting, such as location targeting, keywords by the hundreds, online behaviors, and interests. Because PPC is so targeted, it is seen as a higher value form of precise marketing. This takes traditional advertising out of the race for most companies.
With PPC advertising, you can test numerous keywords and styles of advertising. You can split them up and perform A/B tests to determine the different effects of each strategy, with small variations. The goal is to determine what is going to work best for your targeted market, maximizing the received rewards. One thing of extreme importance – you only pay for PPC when someone clicks on your advertising. Sales are not guaranteed, but it ensures paid for foot traffic. This targeted marketing will help determine what needs optimizing in your efforts to achieve maximum results.

5) Brand Recognition

PPC will help build your brands’ equity in the marketplace. This strategy will help bring awareness to consumers about your brand. Knowledge is one of the most important things a firm can be aiming for, because website visitors may not purchase right away, but they could return having now discovered your company and its services or products.
PPC will increase consumer attribution, as well. This is known as the amount of times the audience sees your brand throughout their experience with it. The more often they interact with your brand, the more likely they are to convert as a paying customer. PPC creates additional touchpoints for your brand to reach consumers.
Your competition may also be using PPC and large businesses may pay a lot for PPC advertising. You are going to be competing on some larger scales for views from consumers. This can be done with strategic gameplays. You could try using keywords that work for your company but aren’t the same as what competitors are using, run ads at different times, or market to various demographics. With PPC, you are going up against big competition, who know the marketing landscape like the back of their hands. It is a place where you can earn your stripes, your spot, on search results if you play your cards right, or just play them at all. PPC is a pretty fair marketplace, creating room for even the smallest and simplest of businesses.


There are a lot of quality reasons why PPC is such a preferred format for marketing. This style of advertising has proven to be successful by a lot of the heavy-hitting firms in our country, though it’s as accessible to the small businesses in bloom. Take advantage of the growing media marketing race and start seeing results instantly with pay-per-click advertising.

Every day that your business is not online with PPC, you are missing potential clicks, leads, and sales. One Google search will show you how much your competitors are using it. PPC is the way to go if you are looking to overstep any hurdles you are facing that are keeping you from reaching your targeted customers. Don’t waste time cold calling and networking through social media alone – get right in the results for people who are searching for brands and companies like yours.

While the list for why a company should start using PPC is long, these top five reasons should give your business a starting point to justify starting this targeted form of marketing. PPC is a strong, important tool that could benefit every business if done correctly, so don’t let your business down. Make sure to get the interaction your business needs to compete with PPC advertising. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Tracie Felt ( Good luck!